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"One of the UK's favourite virtual numbers suppliers for businesses."

Here at Fair Pricing 4 Business we are proud to be one of the UK's favourite virtual numbers suppliers for businesses. We can offer a wide range of bespoke business virtual number packages to suit your businesses needs and requirements, all at extremely competitive prices with and excellent level of customer service. A virtual number is a number that isn’t linked to a telephone line and when someone calls your virtual number they can go to a phone of your choice, this could be an office phone, a mobile phone, your receptionists phone or even to a call centre. This all happens in an instant and the caller will have absolutely no idea that they are calling a virtual number.

Why do I need a virtual number?

Many small or start up businesses may use a virtual number that goes through to a mobile number or a home phone, and then set up something called a ‘whisper’. This means that when someone calls the virtual number when the mobile or home phone rings there will be a ‘whisper’ down the phone that tells you what number they have called, before the caller gets connected to you, so you know how to answer the phone.

More work in another location? we can supply you with an area code virtual number

If you are looking to gain more work in another geographical location we can supply you with an area code virtual number in that area that can go through to your office number and the ‘whisper’ could say the area in which they are calling from.


Some businesses that start small but want to quickly grow may use a 0345 number, this makes the caller think they are nationwide large company and it’s also free to callers from mobiles. While other businesses will use a separate virtual number for all adverts they put in magazines so they can see how well the adverts are working. Again, this could go through to the normal office number with a ‘whisper’ that could say the magazine or newspaper they are calling from.

Another advantage of virtual numbers is that you can keep track of your call data with detailed statistics that are stored online, showing who called, where they called from and how long they were on the phone for. There are many innovative and exciting ways in which virtual numbers can save money for your business while giving you greater control on how you handle incoming calls to your business. Why not call us now to see how our business virtual numbers can help your business.

"Keep track of your call data with detailed statistics"

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